Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What's going on?

Hi my name is Ben Rogers, an animation student of Duncan of Jordanstone. Hope is the title of myself and Rob's 3d animated short film. It is now in production for our final year of study.I will be working on all things 3d.

Ni hao! I'm Rob, and as Ben said, we'll be working together on Hope. A short film which is explained, roughly, below. There is plenty of things to be doing, so I best be off!

  • Opening scene: pan round behind rocks in the foreground, then the temple and environment comes it to the shot.
  • Zoom in slowly towards the temple
  • Character emerges from temple
  • Walks down stairs from temple
  • Appears to be looking for something
  • Moves about to look for signs of life
  • Looks behind large rocks but only finds dead plants
  • As the character brushes by the dead plants they turn to ash/dust
  • Light glow catches attention (investigates)
  • Comes across a dying flower
  • Comforts the flower
  • Flower starts to flourish and becomes brighter in colour.
  • The spirit starts to leave, and life comes back to the scene
  • Spirit disappears from the scene and the area is now full of life, colour and light.

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